An Afternoon of Puppy Fun & Friendships

Today my friend Anika (whom I’ve known since high school!!) came over to my house so that our puppies could play.  Anika’s puppy, Riley, is a 5-month-old cockapoo who couldn’t have more energy.  He’s grown so fast since the last time I saw him, 2 months ago.  He’s actually that perfect mixture of puppy (for Sofi) and size (for Minnie).

The three amigos had a great time playing together in my backyard.  The nice thing is, my sister, Anika, and I all got to catch up and chat while the doggies played.  This must be why mommies get together for playdates.  The kids have fun together and the mommies get a little adult catch-up time.

It was fun having my own little dog park in the backyard. This is just a quick, little snippet of the playtime antics.  Sofi’s bark is so funny to me – high pitched and somewhat off key; she sounds like she’s still trying out her vocal chords.  It will be interesting to see how it matures as she does. Even though it doesn’t seem like it from the video, these pups were really well behaved and quite most of the afternoon.  They did have their “bursts of energy,” as evidenced here:

One thing is for sure – all three dogs are going to sleep WELL tonight! Sofi can’t wait for the next playdate with Riley and Minnie.  🙂

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