A Whole New World!!

Today Sofi got her last set of shots, and because tomorrow she’s 4 months old, she is now cleared to:

  • go on walks!!
  • go to the dogpark!
  • get groomed!!!

It’s a whole new world for her. And for me, too. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day that we could get out and experience more of life together! I love going on walks and just living in the moment; appreciating all the natural beauty that was around me. There is no better way to bond with a dog than to go on walks together. I can’t wait to hit the dog park and smile as Sofi makes a ton of new friends.

And does Sofi need a haircut! She’s getting really “fluffy,” as my nieces like to say! I can’t wait for them to give her a new ‘do so that we can see her true coat and I can finally look into her big brown eyes without a mop top.

The vet’s office weighed her in and she’s now 7 pounds! She gained two pounds in a month, which seems like a lot, but they said it’s perfectly normal. Some of the other Lillybits parents have said that you know about how big the adult dog will be if you double her weight at 4 months. Which would mean Sofi is going to be 14 pounds, which is a great weight. Not too little that she’s fragile, but not too big for me to pick up and hug. 🙂

Sofi had another first today – her first car ride in her car seat:


I love how she’s looking out the front window into the great unknown, ready for any adventure that comes her way.  Sofi’s journey has just begun, and I can’t wait to capture every moment of it.  Next stop – who knows?!!

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