Sofi’s 1st Walk!

Today was a big day! Not only did Sofi get all her shots, but she took her first walk!!!

We headed over to my parents’ house, since Sofi had never been there before, and they have such a nice area to walk in. Plus, there’s not all the traffic, like I have on my street. I wanted her first walking experience outside to be as calm and peaceful as possible. Plus, I knew my mom and dad would want to see her making this milestone.


I love how the flowers and the baby tears contrast the aggregate in this shot.


That little face just melts my heart!!!!

She was really hesitant at first, but got the hang of it after awhile. I think that once we go with Minnie in tow, Sofi will get even more adventurous on our walks. I want to try my best to get her to practice loose leash walking, where the leash is never being pulled by her. That’s one thing I never mastered with Lulu, so now’s my second chance. I’m so thrilled that we are going to be able to take daily walks, I can’t even say. Good exercise for Sofi and her Mommy!

All in all, Sofi had quite a day, and it’s showing in how well she’s napping this afternoon.  You know what they say: a tired puppy is a good puppy!

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