Happy 2nd Birthday, Sofi!

2nd-birthday Sofi is 2 years old today!!!

Sofi kicked the day off enjoying the new toy my mom gave her over the weekend.


The birthday girl had an impromptu party with my sister, nieces, Minnie, my friend Anika and her pup Riley.


The hardest part is waiting for your guests to arrive!


Treats for pets and people!


The lighting wasn’t great, but I think you can see the love.


After LOTS of shots, this was the best one of the birthday girl, my nieces, and me. (Although Sofi seems quite over the whole endeavor!)

20130326-181114.jpg The pooches had so much fun playing.  Sofi was so happy that Minnie and Riley could come over and hang out for her special day.

Finally, the best gift of the day – a birthday collar from my sister and the girls.  Sofi loved it!


Happy birthday, Sofi – I love you!

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