Our 2-Year Anniversary


I’ll never forget two years ago, when I picked 12-week old Sofi up from the airport.  She was so scared that she didn’t want to come out of her crate, and for a little while I was worried that she wouldn’t like me.  But as soon as we got to my house and she went outside in the backyard, her true nature emerged.  Sofi loved being outside, and seems to be at her happiest outside to this day.

These past two years have been the most joyful, the most fun, that I’ve ever had.  I’ve learned so much about myself through Sofi.  She’s taught me patience, how to live in the moment, and she’s gotten me up and out of the house even on those days when I really didn’t feel like taking her for a walk.  (Now that I’ve gone through some major changes of my own, I wonder how much different our traditional anniversary photo will look next year).

Happy anniversary, Sofi girl.  I love you so much!


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