3 Years Together!

2014-06-11 18.04.06On June 11, 2011, the afternoon couldn’t come quickly enough.  Just look back on this blog to see how excited and nervous I was.  I couldn’t wait to head to the airport to pick up Sofi, the puppy I’d been waiting months to meet.

One of the greatest things about Heather and Lillybits is that she sends lots of photo and video updates of the puppies while you’re waiting for the time when you can meet your puppy.  So even though I felt like I knew Sofi’s personality before I actually met her, there was still that anxiousness about how she’d react with me.

I’ll never forget that all of Sofi’s initial apprehension at being in my house rather than at Lillybits melted away as she went outside in my backyard.  She absolutely relished being outside, romping in the grass, and taking in the sunshine (which might’ve been a bit more rare in her former home in Washington state).  From that moment on, it was instant love between us.

In some ways I can’t believe that Sofi has only been in my life for three years; she’s such an important part of my life.  In other ways, the time has flown by, and I can remember her puppy days as clearly as they were yesterday.  As mature and well-behaved as Sofi is, she still has a lot of “puppy playfulness” in her, which makes her so fun.

We celebrated our anniversary with a nice, long walk and some of her favorite treats, although I’m not sure it was much different than any other day. Sofi is definitely one spoiled pup, but since she’s so smart and sweet, why not, right?

When I describe why Sofi is so important to me, I think only another single dog owner can really understand where I’m coming from.  She is my constant companion, my ultimate pal.  She wakes me up with a snuggling nuzzle and greets me at the door when I arrive home.  She’s always so excited to see me, and so happy when we go on our daily walks.  I absolutely adore her!

Here’s to many more years together, Sofi!!

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