My Favorite Workout Partner

As you may know, I’ve been on a weight loss journey for quite some time and in the last year or so, I’ve shed 135 pounds and completely transformed my body and my health.

A huge part of my weight loss has been working out, and I have to say, Sofi is one of my favorite workout buddies.  A lot of my cardio is done at the gym, but quite a bit of it has been done alongside Sofi.  We go on daily walks, which I’m proud to say have gotten faster and longer now that I’m in such good shape.  It’s always fun to find new places for us to explore on our walks.  Walking with Sofi has been such a nice way for me to take some time and appreciate all of life’s simple beauty.

2014-04-13 13.31.31

2014-04-17 15.11.48

Sofi helps to remind me that even when life seems really complicated, a walk can do wonders to put things into perspective.

2014-05-05 18.34.37

After I’d lost a significant amount of weight, I decided it was time to incorporate toning into my workouts.  I have a little home workout room set up in my second bedroom, and Sofi seems to love these workouts even more than I do.

2014-06-12 09.05.22 Sofi’s kisses while I’m working out are very encouraging! She’s always interested in the strange positions she sees me getting in when I’m working out, but especially loves it when I get on the floor.  Whenever I’m doing abs work (or any other move that might take me down to the yoga mat), she absolutely attacks me with kisses and licks.  No matter how hard the workout is, she instantly makes me laugh and smile.

2014-06-12 09.26.31

Sofi, Squirrel Pursuer!

Whenever Sofi and I go on our walk, things always get a bit more interesting when ever she spots a squirrel.  She speeds up, and is in pursuit within seconds.  Not that I think she’d do anything to the squirrel if she ever had the chance to catch up.  She mostly likes to just sniff out their scent, like a bloodhound.  LOL.

Today the squirrel evaded Sofi by running up the tree.  Sooooo close!  Maybe next time, sweets. 😛


Sofi, My Sandy Beach Bum

Today Sofi and I joined my sis and Minnie at Seascape beach in Aptos, CA. We had the BEST day, as you can tell.



Our 2-Year Anniversary


I’ll never forget two years ago, when I picked 12-week old Sofi up from the airport.  She was so scared that she didn’t want to come out of her crate, and for a little while I was worried that she wouldn’t like me.  But as soon as we got to my house and she went outside in the backyard, her true nature emerged.  Sofi loved being outside, and seems to be at her happiest outside to this day.

These past two years have been the most joyful, the most fun, that I’ve ever had.  I’ve learned so much about myself through Sofi.  She’s taught me patience, how to live in the moment, and she’s gotten me up and out of the house even on those days when I really didn’t feel like taking her for a walk.  (Now that I’ve gone through some major changes of my own, I wonder how much different our traditional anniversary photo will look next year).

Happy anniversary, Sofi girl.  I love you so much!


Sofi’s Spring Break – A Day at the Beach

Today Sofi and I joined my sister (and Minnie) and Ani (and Riley) for a fabulous day at the beach. Ani told us about Seascape Beach, which is a resort in Aptos, CA (just south of Santa Cruz) that allows the public access to a gorgeous beach where dogs can go off leash. I’d never been before, and I can tell you that I’ll be going here ALL the time once I’m on summer vacation. Just look…20130411-172953.jpg

I am incredibly lucky to live 45 minutes away from a beach like this. The best part was that we were among very few people at the beach. It was so nice having it (practically) to ourselves.


I never let Sofi go off leash in my neighborhood because I’m ultra paranoid about her getting hit by a car, but today, there was absolutely no reason to worry. Even when she ran far off to visit with a new friend who was walking along the beach, she came right back when I called her. I’m so glad that she has such good recall. It definitely makes me feel a lot more comfortable (but I’m still not going to let her go off leash in my front yard, because I live on such a busy street). You can see the joy in Sofi’s face:



The pups had the BEST time, and their people did, too.  The day was relaxing, and so much fun.  I’m so glad that LC and Ani have dogs, and that all three pooches get along so well.  Just look at those cute faces!


One of the cutest moments as we were taking a walk along the beach was when all three dogs ran up to this guy on the beach who was sitting and playing his guitar.  They were interacting with him so much that it was like he was serenading them.  By the time my camera came on, I only got the shot of them running back to us.  Still, it captured a fun memory.


Happy 2nd Birthday, Sofi!

2nd-birthday Sofi is 2 years old today!!!

Sofi kicked the day off enjoying the new toy my mom gave her over the weekend.


The birthday girl had an impromptu party with my sister, nieces, Minnie, my friend Anika and her pup Riley.


The hardest part is waiting for your guests to arrive!


Treats for pets and people!


The lighting wasn’t great, but I think you can see the love.


After LOTS of shots, this was the best one of the birthday girl, my nieces, and me. (Although Sofi seems quite over the whole endeavor!)

20130326-181114.jpg The pooches had so much fun playing.  Sofi was so happy that Minnie and Riley could come over and hang out for her special day.

Finally, the best gift of the day – a birthday collar from my sister and the girls.  Sofi loved it!


Happy birthday, Sofi – I love you!

Lazing in the Morning Sun

A nice way to start a Friday: finding that perfect spot of sun. TGIF!


Sofi’s Looking Love-ly

Sofi spent the day at the “spa,” and now she’s all ready for Valentine’s Day. I love the way you can see how long her eyelashes are in these shots! She’s such a love!


Sofi, Couch Potato

Every single night as I’m watching TV, Sofi rearranges the throw blanket and pillows on my couch. She goes through this whole ritual to get them *just right*. Like a cross between Little Red Riding Hood and The Princess & the Pea. The Ultimate Couch Potato.

Call her what you will, I just call her CUTE!!


Sofi, My Adorable Alarm Clock

I’m not sure if Sofi hasn’t quite adjusted to the time change from a few weeks ago, or what, but this little doggie has insomnia.

Of course, when you spend your days lounging around taking puppy naps, you’re naturally going to want to play all night.


Lately, this is the face that wakes me up at 3am.

(The lighting is terrible, which is why Sofi’s color looks so dark).
This morning, since it was Saturday, Sofi let me sleep in ’till 4:30. Quite generous of her, I know.

She’s just too cute to get mad at, though. She’ll let me cuddle/sink back into sleep for a bit, but then she’s the Sofi-snooze because she starts wagging her long tail with a flourish and pawing at my arm to wake me up.

When she looks this innocent, sometimes I wonder if it was all a dream.

After awhile Sofi understands that I’m not leaving the toasty bed, and she finally gives up…for now. Because tomorrow offers another pre-dawn wake-up opportunity.

So if you see me yawning in the middle of the day, you’ll know why.