Groomed & Gorgeous!

I couldn’t be a prouder puppy mommy today! Sofi just got back from her first-ever grooming appointment, and the groomer said she was, “an angel. She stayed still the whole time, didn’t make any noise, let me do whatever I needed to. She was the perfect puppy! Bring her back anytime!!!” That’s one voicemail that I’m going to keep. 🙂

The funny thing was, when we walked in the door Minnie wasn’t sure who this new puppy was. I had to put Sofi down and then Minnie went up to her and said hello in that way that dogs do (smelling butts). It took Minnie a second to realize that this dog was Sofi. It was so hilarious and sweet, all at the same time.

I can’t say enough about the place that I got Sofi groomed, Paws Crossing. It’s truly a 5-star facility – ultra clean, organized, efficient, and friendly. They offer grooming, day care, boarding, and training. How could you want anything more? Plus their prices are really reasonable. I’m definitely taking Sofi there for training classes, and I’m sure she’ll be a guest of their canine cottages at some point in the future.

So now I’m sure you want to see what she looks like. Knowing me, you know that I have lots of photos to share, so no worries there.

First, let’s do a bit of a before and after, shall we?

She was absolutely adorable before, but I love the way she looks now, too. She cleans up well, no?!! Plus, I can see her eyes. She’s got pretty peepers!!

Here’s some video so you can see her full haircut.

And finally, here are a photoshoot worth of pictures. You call it obsessive, I call it capturing life’s sweet moments.

I love her coloring! She’s very caramel-colored now. After getting rid of all of that fluff, she’s actually a really petite little puppy.

Doesn’t she look like she’s smiling in this one? She’s THRILLED with her new ‘do.
And I am, too. 🙂