Sofi’s Spring Break – A Day at the Beach

Today Sofi and I joined my sister (and Minnie) and Ani (and Riley) for a fabulous day at the beach. Ani told us about Seascape Beach, which is a resort in Aptos, CA (just south of Santa Cruz) that allows the public access to a gorgeous beach where dogs can go off leash. I’d never been before, and I can tell you that I’ll be going here ALL the time once I’m on summer vacation. Just look…20130411-172953.jpg

I am incredibly lucky to live 45 minutes away from a beach like this. The best part was that we were among very few people at the beach. It was so nice having it (practically) to ourselves.


I never let Sofi go off leash in my neighborhood because I’m ultra paranoid about her getting hit by a car, but today, there was absolutely no reason to worry. Even when she ran far off to visit with a new friend who was walking along the beach, she came right back when I called her. I’m so glad that she has such good recall. It definitely makes me feel a lot more comfortable (but I’m still not going to let her go off leash in my front yard, because I live on such a busy street). You can see the joy in Sofi’s face:



The pups had the BEST time, and their people did, too.  The day was relaxing, and so much fun.  I’m so glad that LC and Ani have dogs, and that all three pooches get along so well.  Just look at those cute faces!


One of the cutest moments as we were taking a walk along the beach was when all three dogs ran up to this guy on the beach who was sitting and playing his guitar.  They were interacting with him so much that it was like he was serenading them.  By the time my camera came on, I only got the shot of them running back to us.  Still, it captured a fun memory.